What is "Boonzy"?

Do you have secret language words you use with your loved ones? Almost all families or couples or best friends have told me they have them; the etymology of each word springs from cherished interactions with one other. 

The word "boonz" (adj. boonzy) is one of those words.  Bob (the head designer here at Boonzy Arts and my main squeeze) and I use it--without exaggeration--every day. It's roots are unclear, but we started using it like the Smurfs use the word "smurf" shortly into our relationship. Remember when the Smurfs used to use "smurf", "smurfy", and "to smurf" every other word? That tapered off, surely because it was annoying, but the spirit of its use was that context gave it meaning. 

Loosely, "boonz" means comfortable, attractive, cute, happy, and/or lovely. You can boonz across the room. It's overcast and rainy outside; it's boonzy. Our cat Calliope always acts like a boonz. It means whatever you want it to mean, but it's always positive. 

When I started this business, it seemed a natural fit. Using made-up words for business names can be tricky, but it can also be beneficial to branding. I had no problem with web domains or social media monikers, no surprise. 

Now when I go to the bottle supply company where I purchase jars for the candles, they yell out, "Boonzy Arts!" when my order is ready. It still makes me giggle. This silly word that Bob and I made so important to our lives (so much so that our phones autocorrect to it) is now out in the world. We want to share it with all of you boonzers!